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The Center of Economic Research at ETH Zurich develops and applies innovative economic theories and provides instruction to ETH students of all departments. It coordinates the economic research and teaching activities within D-MTEC and creates links to other economic centers at D-MTEC such as KOF, CEPE, disciplinary- and cross-disciplinary research units. CER-ETH houses ten chairs of economics.

The Center also includes research associates and regularly hosts international guest professors. CER-ETH Research covers crucial new areas of macro- and microeconomics, innovation theory, international trade, and risk analysis, which are applied to highly policy-relevant topics such as growth, risk, insurance, banking, the natural environment, and the design of new organizations and institutions.

We organize a reseach seminar in which internationally renowned researchers present and discuss their work. For the dissemination of research output, CER-ETH publishes its own Working Paper Series, which garners high international attention. The Center also provides consultation services for government bodies and makes the reports publicly available.

CER-ETH hosts the Economics Doctoral Programme which provides complementary education at the PhD level, specifically in advanced micro- and macroeconomics and econometrics as well as in special fields such as computational economics, environmental and resource economics, design of institutions, and policy dynamic macroeconomics. A large variety of guest lectures and international short courses complement the programme.

CER-ETH is designed as a pure service center without additional funding. Its success is driven by the commitment of the involved chairs to fully support the productivity, quality, and international visibility of economic activities at ETH Zurich.
Together with the KOF Swiss Economic Institute (KOF), CER-ETH runs an extensive Library open to staff and students of ETH Zurich, as well as to the general public.

CER-ETH Research Associates

guest professors at CER-ETH:  Prof. Hans Haller

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