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Overview of the Doctoral Programme

The Programme provides complementary education at the PhD level, specifically in advanced micro- and macroeconomics and econometrics as well as in special fields such as computational economics, environmental and resource economics, design of institutions, and policy dynamic macroeconomics. A large variety of guest lectures and international short courses complement the programme.


In order to be eligible for the doctoral programme, prospective students have to apply for an open position at a chair from CER-ETH. For open positions, see vacancies at the chairs.


Regular semester courses:

  • Advanced Sustainability Economics (Lucas Bretschger, spring)
  • Advances in Public Economics (Marko Köthenbürger, spring)
  • Design of Institutions and Political Economy (Oriol Tejada, spring)
  • Computational Economics (Daniel Harenberg, spring)
  • Dynamic Macroeconomics (Hans Gersbach, fall)
  • Advanced Microeconomics (Antoine Bommier, fall)

Block courses:

  • Experimental Methods (Christian Waibel)
  • Empirical Methods in Energy and Environmental Economics (Anna Alberini, Massimo Filippini, William Greene)
  • Dynamic Panel Data Econometrics (J.-E. Sturm)


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